Fabulous Fendi Find

If you know anything about me know this, I am a handbag girl. I love pocketbooks. With the exception of Kate Spade and Coach, my prestigious collection consists of 1 bag from each line. I try to choose a neutrally classic piece that goes with everything and will last a lifetime over something trendy that quickly becomes outdated once a new trend emerges. This bag didn't break that rule it simply redefined my definition of neutral.
With its 70's inspired swirls of camel, sky and fuschia, this silk creation is modernized by the envelope details and gold hardware.  A gift from my boyfriend, she comes to me secondhand from Crossroad Trading Co. Yep, another Crossroad find!

Before you judge the receiving of a used item, I picked it out as I was hunting for an anniversary gift. Originally retailing for $1750.00 it is large enough to hold an iPad and was only $200.00 including the dust bag and authenticity card.

Tell me about your latest and greatest finds, Gorgeous! xoxo


  1. I looove crossroads.Cute bag!! Will you be attending the Sheckys girls night out event in November? By the way thanks again for the Sassy City Chicks promo code =)

  2. I love it! The colors are amazing together. Great find!


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