Homemade Sugar Scrub.

I start with a small plastic food container.  I use plastic in case the vessel were to slip off of my bench, it would not shatter in my shower. 

I use 'baking' sugar because it is a very fine grind and will not microscopically scratch your skin the way raw sugar can.  I add 1/3 cup of sugar then drizzle about 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil on top.  I don't actually measure any of the ingredients, I add them on a visual 'that looks good' basis - I don't want to waste time or water washing measuring cups and spoons.

When I mix them together the consistency is like dry crumbles you're about to add to coffee cake.  I do this because my wet skin will provide the additional viscosity needed to make the product work.  Note: If you add too much liquid to the bowl you could start to dissolve the sugar.

That's it!  I make this scrub on a as needed basis because if made in advance, it will start to crystallize and become unusable, not from the oil - from my wet hands dripping water into the vessel.

I'm into all natural right now so I like the fact that this is only 2 actual ingredients - pure cane sugar & olive oil - not 47 synthetics / preservatives / stabilizers.  Plus it's cheap!  I paid $10 for both products at Safeway and can make 50 scrubs @ $0.20 a scrub v/s the $10 a jar cost from bath shops.

*Disclaimer: Your shower floor might be a bit slick because of the oil and the dirtier the floor the slicker the residue will feel.

My Dos & Don'ts:  
Do use Olive Oil; It penetrates deep into the skin, is pleasant smelling and is thicker than other oils like peanut or sunflower.
Don't apply coarse salt or raw sugar to your face.  Also know by it's brand name Sugar in the Raw, it is very rough and will scratch your delicate facial skin which could lead to bacteria collecting in those scratches and even premature aging. 
Do customize your body scrub by adding a few drops of a 'skin safe' essential oil to the mix.  If your EVOO has a heavily olive scent it could alter the scent of your essential oil.
Don't slip!  Warn future shower'ers that the floor might be a bit slippery.  The only way to stop this is to clean the floor!
Do let me know if this worked for you!
I'll have a yummy coffee scrub up in a few days!

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