FeatherLuxe part Deux

I saw Jennifer with FeatherLuxe the week before I left for school.  I was just short of desperate for 2 services:  I wanted my first bundle moved to the crown of my head and I wanted a second bundle.  

It was time for my adjustment. Bundle #1 was down almost 2" from my scalp and I nearly pulled it out with my brush a few times. My first bundle was low, behind my ear and was completely lost when I wore my hair down.  The second bundle added a stronger impact and more colour.  

Every day someone compliments me on my colour choice and Jennifer's work. She is by far STILL the cheapest in town, with 1 bundle = 6 - 8 feathers for $25. She works the San Jose / Los Gatos areas and can be reached here.  xoxo

You can find Jennifer, at Adira Dance & Costume this Saturday 8/13 for the monthly belly dancing event from 1-4pm.

She will also be at the Rock Make Street Fair in San Francisco on 9/17
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