Such a tweeze.

I know you've heard about it.
You might have even thought about having it done.
Until all of the what-ifs take over and you think, "I almost jumped on the crazy train."  Well,  ALL ABOARD!

I was the unfortunate recipient of Uni-Brow at birth, so I tweezed.
And tweezed and tweezed and tweezed.

*Click pictures to enlarge* 

Hello, brows!  Where are you??
Think Marlene Dietrich but not professionally plucked.  One was shorter.  One was thicker.
Working with the public made it impossible to try and grow them out so I just kept tweezing.  
When I lost my job in March '10 I knew it was the perfect time to begin the journey of growing them out.

After doing some research I bought RapidLash and thought, "wow! I'll have full brows in 8 weeks."  Not so much. I needed professional help!  So I called my girl Jessica at Vitality for grow out guidance and grooming. After she shaped me up, I was able to focus on where exactly to apply the serum. 

But by October '10 I felt that I had reach an end to my new growth.  Not to mention my patience.  There was a lot on the top 2/3 of the brow and a strip of stragglers on the bottom 1/3 - but nothing in between. I tried everything to fill them in.  Not only was it unnatural looking, the product always wore off.  So there i was.  Stuck in straggle town. 
I bleached them to better match brow products.
So I did a lot of research and set up a consultation with Jill Hoyer from Timeless Skin Spa to talk about having Permanent Makeup a.k.a. having my brows tattooed!  Jill is highly regarded in the breast cancer community for her talent at not only brows from the loss of chemo / radiation but also her realistic nipple and aureola recreation.  After they healed, it is easy to see why I feel it was the best decision that I have ever made, cosmetically! It was not cheap but in the land of tattooing you get what you pay for.

NO brow product.
These aren't sharpie brows, they are individual hairs that have been tattooed in place and look so real I have to tell MUA's the second I sit in the chair to not rub my forehead off - my brows are here to stay.  And having everyone say that it is the BEST brow job that they have ever seen, doesn't hurt either.

What are your thoughts on permanent makeup?
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