How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish

How about this little tip Deborah Lippmann shared with me: 
How to easily and effortlessly remove glitter nail polish.

I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Lippmann at a Nordstrom Trend Show a few years ago and took the opportunity to asked her the secret to removing glitter nailpolish. The process she described was so simple, I didn't believe her. Until I put it to the test and could not believe how fast it works; no more scrubbing and scrubbing and finally filing off the rest of the glitter bits. You know what I'm talking about.

You will need:
Nail polish remover
Acetone will break the glitter down.
I purchase large cotton balls and unfold them.
Each ball has enough cotton to cover 2-3 nails as soak pads.
Don't waste your money on 'organic' cotton for this process.
 Aluminum foil
Cut the foil in to squares before you start.

1.  Saturate small pieces of cotton with an acetone remover. Look for one with nail-nourishing ingredients.
2.  Place one piece of saturated cotton or one Finger Mitt on each finger.
3. Cover each piece of saturated cotton with a small piece of aluminum foil.
I suggest doing one hand at a time until your comfortable with wrapping your opposing hand with tin foil clad fingers.
4.  Let sit for 5 minutes.
5.  Apply light pressure to your nail as you pull cotton, aluminum foil and polish off in one swipe!
6. Use additional remover to get off any residual pieces but do not rub. Rubbing the polish off will only stain your cuticles and can further damage and weaken nails in much the same way over exfoliating your skin can.

I swear by this method.
Have you tried it before? It will change the way you look at glitter polishes!
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