Spa Soothing Eye Gel ~ Yes to Cuke

I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt after using this. This clear gel is very thick, a little goes a long way and it is almost creamy in consistency.The gel dries quickly and I never feel residue but I know something is there - there is a comfortable tightness to my skin. I have never had an issue with this 'balling-up' during application.  You know - when you either use to much or rub too much and it seems like the product just fails and balls up? lol. Plus, as the day wear on, this does not warm and transfer into my eyes. I have oily eyelids - lots of products warm and transfer on me. *sigh*

I like to use this during the day since the dry-down is quick and I can move forward with eyeshadow and/or primer. Which gets me out of the bathroom quicker. I use the blueberry version at night since it keep a tab moist but not greasy, just comfortable. xoxo

It's a great price point, CVS has it for $15.  Extremely cooling and lightweight. I would buy again.  4.5 out of 5 Stars.
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