Save $25 on Manduka: Shop My Selections

This is the last week you can save $25 off of your Manduka purchase.  Wondering if these yoga mats are worth the hype? Well, I own 3 of variying thickness so I have one for every occasion: travel, terrain, pro.

Listen, I have purchased super cute, inexpensive yoga mats and they disintegrate. I believe in buying the best mat that you can, even if that means using your crappy one a little while longer. #BeingHonest

Manduka yoga mats are durable, made from recycled materials, and ultra-sticky. No matter how hot the room or hot sweaty my body, I have never slipped off of a Manduka mat and knowing how secure I am makes me relax and focus on my practice rather than modifying moves so I do not fall. 

Click any of the images to shop my personal recommendations:

5mm Everyday Eko Mat

 This is my go to, everyday, ride or die. The 5mm in green connects me to the earth. I am reminded to become one with my mat. Trust it and trust myself to be present in my practice.

Quick drying Mat Towel
Not one for Bikram, I have developed a deep love for Corepower Yoga candlelight hot yoga.  I blast through 60oz of water per class, so imagine how much I sweat - this towel catches all of it and still keeps me grounded. Constructed of super thin microfiber, I chose this pattern because it reminds me of the ocean. 

Yoga Mat and Accessories Bag

Do not underestimate the power of a good yoga bag. And this is a good bag! Constructed of cotton canvas, this bag keeps it all together - and helps to keep it dried out, too. There is a pocket for keys, wallet, phone, and Mat Cleaner. I keep my hand free by layering my towel on top of my Mat and rolling my water bottle inside like a pig in a blanket. It makes me less bumbly at check in.

Mat Wash: For Stinky Mats.
And we've talked about this -  your Mat stinks.
Grab a cloth and some spray and in a few short bursts you'll thank yourself!  xoxo •Nancy-Lee


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