Organic Lip Scrub by 100% PURE

Organic Lip Scrub in Sweet Mint
by +100% Pure.

Highly requested to add to the 100% PURE assortment, this vegetarian lip scrub is a blend of organic brown sugar, beeswax, castor, olive + coconut oils, essential oil of peppermint, rosemary + calendula extracts and a sprinkle of Stevia. 

100% PURE organic sweet mint lip scrub
Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Sweet Mint Lip Scrub is a buttery buffer. Personally, its too buttery  for me, with not enough scrubby action. I wish it was formulated with caster sugar instead of cane, as these particles are  not only rough, I don't feel enough of them. They are either over shadowed by the oils or are dissolving too quickly, which causes 2 things: I don't feel adequately exfoliated after use and I feel like my lips and surrounding skin are covered in butter. I have to use this product before I wash my face so my cleanser removes the excess oil.

Truthfully, this is not a lip scrub I will replenish. +Lush Cosmetics  Santa Baby is still my favourite, no matter how dirty the formulation.

If we were speaking in stars, I would give this 2 out of 5.
.015oz (4.25g)
Certified organic by Oregon Tilth, Made in the USA.

Did Santa stuff your stocking with Organic Sweet Mint Lip Scrub by 100% PURE? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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