MERMAID 5 new shades for Eyes + Cheeks by 100% Pure

Brand new form +100% Pure : MERMAID!
With 5 new shades, 2 for cheeks and 3 for eyes!

See my previous post for Sex Kitten!

Luminous Powder and blush
Click images to enlarge for detail.

Luminous Powder and blush

This palette is: 100% vegan and 100% free of cruelty, gluten, chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrance, artificial colours, parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, or any other crap you want to avoid applying to your skin because it will be absorbed into your bloodstream leaving your liver to once again pick the pieces.

Eyeshadow trio

Shell, Sea Glass and Star Fish

I was a marketing manager for 100% pure, these palettes were employee gratis.
xoox •Nancy-Lee

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