A LUSH•ous Post-Holiday Haul.

+Franci and I met up at +Westfield Valley Fair the Friday +Victoria's Secret launched the Semi-Annual Sale. Also on the to-do list was +LUSH Cosmetics and the +Gap.

Click image to enlarge for detail.

So what does one buy when they have a $25 Gift Card burning a hole in their pocket and all of the Christmas Buy 1 Get 1 Free goods are gone? Everything else! This was one of my favourite +LUSH Cosmetics hauls - because I bought 3 new-to-me things - and I spent a total of $26.54, so my gift card covered all but a little sales tax.!!

I have been in love with Karma since I first discovered it in the 90's. A little bit hippy, a whole lot of pachouli, this is a solid perfume. Perfect for travel and just the right size to not tire of it's distinctive scent. It's my life saver after a long night of dancing. 

Always looking to try something new, I wanted to treat my feet to a yummy pedi and I am starting with Stepping Stone Foot Scrub. I want to bottle this scent, it smells incredible! The citrus is fresh, not overwhelming - perfect to welcome Spring and sandal season.

This scrubby citrus delight with pumice and sea salt will get you footloose and fancy free in no time. Simply wet your feet and scrub away dry, rough skin. The invigorating fragrance of lemon and lime oils help to deodorize, and lycopodium powder helps to absorb odours. To keep you treading softly jojoba oil and cocoa butter sink in to keep your feet soft and moisturized.

Who doesn't want that?!
Stay tuned for a full product review.

Lastly, Aromaco Deodorant. It looks like a big chunk of white chocolate. I hope it does not keep my pits moist.
We’ve put in astringent witch hazel, added in baking soda to absorb excess moisture and smells, and fragrant patchouli oil into our creamy cake to keep you fresh, naturally. You’re left with softened, dry and tremendously pleasant smelling pits.
I'm still hunting for a vegan, all natural deodorant to keep me dry and fresh smelling. Or at least not leave me embarrassed 2 hours later when it fails. I'll keep you posted on it's performance. 

Tell me about your latest Lush treasures. What have you been in love with lately? xoxo •Nancy-Lee


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