Michael Kors Glam Spring 2014 Collection.

The epitome of #ShopGenius, this $42 Spring 2014 +Michael Kors lip and nail beauty set was priced to $14.97 at +Nordstrom Rack. I'm such a sucker for great deals.

Spending Lakur time in Londontown.

I met this 5-free, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty free brand at +Cosmoprof North America, Las Vegas, 2014. Developed first as a collection of luxury nail and hand treatments, +LondontownUSA is now bringing luxury Lakur to those with food sensitivities.

Annie by The Painted Nail.

The truth is, I used to live under a rock when it came to indie nail polish. I hadn't even heard of +The Painted Nail until I was invited to Katie's party, held after hours during Cosmoprof (CPNA) Las Vegas, 2014. Shameful yet true. That is all about to change!

Alter Ego: Golden mermaid dreams come true.

Proof that all that glitters is gold.

Meet Alter Ego Nail Enamel, another +Etsy favourite of mine. Discovered at an indie nail polish party held during Cosmoprof (CPNA) Las Vegas, 2013, Alter Ego is hand mixed in small batches.

Fort Knox Quality Control looks shiny yet dries to a matte finish. I applied 3 coats for full opacity. I added a high shine top coat by Glisten and Glow to my middle and ring finger. This is a thicker nail lacquer though it dries level. I find the fewer strokes you use, the easier it levels.
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