A Whole Foods Whole Body Haul.

*Squee* I was given a $25 gift card to +Whole Foods Market for bunny sitting and I have been saving it for when a few of my body care faves are on sale. Kiss My Face Tattoo Shade is an SPF 30 formulated with green tea and carrot extract. Even if it is a marketing ploy, it worked. I'll use this to protect my tattoos. I received a sample of +Weleda North America Citrus Body Lotion in a +Birchbox and loooooved the fresh scent so imagine how happy I was when I found the Body Wash and it was 40% off! Holla! Lastly, I added another +Pacifica Perfume product to my collection. This makes 4!! Lotus Garden natural soap is a blend of lotus blossom, green violet leaf, olibanum and pink pepper with a kick of radiant citrus. It is going to be put to the test, tomorrow morning. I still have $9 left to spend.. what should I buy?! xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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