Creating my Finishing Closet, a Home Depot DIY.

We have a 'coat closet' on the first floor. The space is long, extending under the stairwell to the far wall of the house. And over the past 5 years it has become a catch all for those thing we wish not to see. I couldn't take the lack of organization any longer. My heart raced every time I would open that door and not in a good way. I knew I could do so much better, I could turn it into a workable 'finishing closet'; A place for shoes, coats and necklaces. Accessories I hardly wear because they are tucked away somewhere dark or hard to access.

Before paint, original light.

I purchased 2 gallons of white paint from +The Home Depot and 5 stackable duo shoe shelves from +Target. Once I took everything out of the closet I realized how dark and dingy it looked. It was a depressed space. The flat, builder beige used to paint the room was absorbing the light creating a yellow hue. No wonder why it was such a mess... All you did was open thee door, toss in your shit and run.
After paint, original light!

After the first coat of paint went on, I knew I was in for one hell of an impact. Immediately the room looked bright and happy, it looked even larger thanks to the light reflecting formula. I applied 3 coats of paint over 12 hours. The first coat really soaked into the walls, the second coat looked great but a third cost made the full opacity difference.

Most of these hues have been discontinued at Home Depot.

Waiting for the coats on the walls to dry, I repurposed the mirror that is part of my master bedroom set. With 2 different +Martha Stewart Living paints, I covered the black mirror with white paint as a primer, then brushed on 3 coats of pewter metallic paint. Once it was dry I brushed on 1 coat of a sheer golden champagne shimmer. It's so gorgeous, it adds the right amount of depth and glamour to the space while staying in the same colour family as the shoe shelf.

I love this space!

I let the room dry over night and start to put things back: the coats hung properly, mine on the left, his on the right. The shoe rack fully constructed reached the most perfect place on the ceiling pitch while not impacting the light's reach around the room. I was able to stack all of our shoes, giving him the top 2 shelves and taking the other 8 for my collection. Now that they are vertical as opposed to being spread out on the floor, I can see everything and not worry that whatever will be placed on my designer shoes, causing damage.

There is plenty of room to move around!

I have a few necklaces but I never wear them. I have actually forgotten about them since they are tucked away inside a little jewelry box, but one day I came across a DIY image on Pinterest and knew I could easily recreate the craft. Using a wooden hanger, I drilled a dozen holes and inserted tea-cup hooks to hold my pieces. It was time well spent, I access jewelery off of it all the time. 

See my original DIY post here!

My hats are protected in the old school +Goorin Bros. hat boxes.

I knew I had a few pieces that would not work within the confined space of the wooden hanger and it's hooks, and I didn't know what to do about them... Then one day while chatting with Franci it came to me. Use the tops of my jewelry boxes to hang the larger pieces with proper spaceing on the wall. So I did just that! I used 2 nails per box lid, leaving the nails sticking out 1/4 inch each. I covered that 1/4 inch of exposed nail with earthquake puddy and pressed the lid into place ensuring a secure suspension, as demonstrated by the +Christian Dior lid holding a +kate spade new york neon pink necklace while the +Tiffany & Co. lid holds my +Outrage Fashion Kerr necklace in place.

I look to repurpose, first.

I am super proud of this quick makeover. I spent $150 on supplies and knocked it out in a day wile I organized and purged some stuff we no longer need, wear or use. I say that's time and money well spent! How about you, what was your last weekend warrior project? xoxo •Nancy-Lee

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