LUSH Grand Opening, Westfield Oakridge.

I am super happy to say, +Westfield Oakridge now has +LUSH Cosmetics!!
This is a gorgeous shop and it will have no problem running against Valley Fair. The staff was super friendly and 2 employees even remembered my name from the last time I was in, which was 2 weeks ago on their official first day, (known as a soft opening). Pretty Impressive.This is a fun haul, I grabbed a few gifts and a thing or 2 for myself as well....

Westfield Oakridge Mall San Jose

I treated myself to 2 products, Blousey shampoo for bleached blondes and Karma soap, one of my all time favourite staples of Lush. After I checked out and checked 3 gifts off my Mother's Day list, I earned the Grand Opening GWP, 1.5oz Dream Cream, 3.5oz Sea Vegetable Soap and a third item (also full size) which I sent as part of another gift. It was The Comforter bubble bar! This GWP has a $24.00 value.

I can't wait to use and review these new items. I haven't used Sea Vegetable soap in years, so it will be as if it is an entirely new experience for me.
What was your latest Lush haul?

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