Airy Fairy by Butter London's Lolly Brights.

It's a touch lighter than my Fiat and just as amazing. Franci and I had the pleasure of purchasing a few different lacquers from the Butter London Lolly Brights collection ahead of the official launch. My second in this haul is Airy Fairy, a blue-lover's dream come true. While it is described as a bright turquoise flaring shimmers in gel-like base, it is really a true blue. This lacquer covers completely in 2 quick drying coats, I used 3 so it was the same opacity as the bottle.

Click to enlarge for detail.
Apply Airy Fairy thinly, too much product and your finished nail could cure with visible micro-bubbles. It levels easily and translates from bottle to nail perfectly. This shade is delicious and I am already thinking of 4th of July looks with this nail polish as the base. It was long lasting  - 4 days before it chipped - and easy to remove. Don't let the micro shimmer scare you off, you do not need to soak or foil-remove this formula. I rate Airy Fairy a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend the Lolly Brights line and I would even replenish this lacquer.

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