Saving $1481 on Juicy Couture and Coach

I don't always have the lucky shopping streak but when I do, it is undeniably pure magic. Take my latest trip to the outlet mall in Gilroy. On a strict no-buy, I haven't been there in several months and it is safe to say this haul made up for lost time!

I'm not sure why I went, especially on a Saturday
morning following Christmas but I had a feeling when I woke that day to make the trip. I was shocked how empty the parking lot was at 11:00am. I made a b-line for Coach as it is notorious for having a quickly building queue to enter the store. Without wait I was in sale heaven: 70% off of clearance merchandise + 10% off your cart. Let me say, I saved $836!! I grabbed a few New Years Eve gifts as well as a couple treasures for myself...

My new handbag, wallet and clutch!

My boyfriend's mom gave me a super awesome Juicy Couture charm bracelet with 2 charms for Christmas and while I wanted to keep it, she gave me a Dior charm bracelet the year before and her son is slowly filling a Tiffany & Co charm bracelet so I decided to exchange her generous gift for something that I would get more use out of, so to say.

Juicy Couture was having a 50% off store wide sale, even on clearance, which is where I found the trench coat. Retailing for $358, it was on final markdown for $119.99, less 50% brought my final cost to $54.50! I headed to the register when the sweet sales clerk pointed out some new arrivals which would be perfect for Spring / Summer... Like the mod inspired silk dress, lined with pockets. Originally $244, it was on sale for $99 and the 50% savings brought the final cost to $49.50. I applied $50 in exchange credit from the jewelry and ended up spending only $54.25 ($27.13 per item) for $602 in clothes! Let's be honest, I would have spent a $105 for this $602 haul if I didn't have an exchange credit!

By the time I head to Adidas the parking lots are full. I need new trainers and I want to see if I can add another soccer jersey to my BF's collection. What's funny to me is.... I buy dresses for $27 and my boyfriend wears $100 soccer jerseys! He has a more expensive wardrobe than I have!!! I make up for the difference in the accessories department! I grab their one and only Bayern Munich, find a perfect pair of trainers in the Boy's aisle, redeem a coupon and score my shoes for only $20!

Job well done! In all I saved a total of $1481.00!!
Do you have a favourite outlet shop you like to visit?
Comment below and tell me about your greatest hauls.

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