Juicy haul of Black Friday Couture

It's old news that I made a HUGE Black Friday - Cyber Monday haul... There were 16 boxes in all. Here is my first purchase, from Juicy Couture, which I placed on Thanksgiving evening. They we're offering 40% off site wide so I pounced!

Foiled Skinny Jean
WAS $198.00 / NOW $69.99-40% = $41.99

Let us introduce you to the skinny that refuses to be ignored. Light-reflecting, applied metallic foil makes sure of that. Rhinestone and logo grommets.

The base of these Made in the USA jeans is black with pink foil on top. It feels a bit 'rubbery' but they feature the right mix of cotton, spandex and polyester making them very comfortable. While I was strongly influenced to purchase these because of my pink hair, the 80% savings didn't damper my decision making!

experiMYNTing with LVX

How delicious. Mynt by LVX.

Stimulating and revitalizing, this cool mint is the perfect summer pastel. Mynt pays homage to the significant prevalence of green this season. Invigorating and powerful, this serene green will prevail as a top choice for the warm summer days that are ahead of us.

Created for a Summer fling, I found Mynt to be far more valuable a shade of green this Winter. I paired 2 coats of this divine cream with 3 coats of Trixie by Zoya. This combo lasted 2.5 days before small chips appeared. You know my addiction to LVX, a 5-Free vegan lacquer company whose small batch shades are inspired by runway trends. If you haven't made a purchase, you should: you will not be disappointed! Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars, Mynt is available on www.ShopLVX.com for $16.00.

Comment below and tell me which LVX shades you've experienced.
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A Studio Gear Smokey Eye

Did you see my Studio Gear Holiday smokey eye?

This was such a simple palette to use. There are easy to follow instructions, you build the depth of the shades taking away the fear factor by giving you control of how smokey you want to go. The 4 shades of eyeshadow and 1 blush which will work will all skin tones and the $40 price tag for 5 products is a great value.

Saving $1481 on Juicy Couture and Coach

I don't always have the lucky shopping streak but when I do, it is undeniably pure magic. Take my latest trip to the outlet mall in Gilroy. On a strict no-buy, I haven't been there in several months and it is safe to say this haul made up for lost time!

I'm not sure why I went, especially on a Saturday
morning following Christmas but I had a feeling when I woke that day to make the trip. I was shocked how empty the parking lot was at 11:00am. I made a b-line for Coach as it is notorious for having a quickly building queue to enter the store. Without wait I was in sale heaven: 70% off of clearance merchandise + 10% off your cart. Let me say, I saved $836!! I grabbed a few New Years Eve gifts as well as a couple treasures for myself...

My new handbag, wallet and clutch!

Final Sephora Haul of 2013

I felt 'forced' to make a purchase in order of maintaining my Sephora VIB status. I had to spend $70 in the next 35 days and knowing I can level up to Rouge next year I had to shelf the conflict of not wanting to lose my current position with not needing to buy more beauty products. Fortunately that $20 gift card came my way and I sucked it up and pulled the plug on a final 2013 purchase. It wouldn't have left such an aftertaste of regret had every single box not been opened, as evident by the torn corners. Just leads a gal to wonder where they were before my house. *shivers* Anyhoo...

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