DECOrating with Alchemy and LVX

Tantalizing and feminine, Deco is a vibrant coral. I love this creamy shade. It applies cleanly and streak-free needing 2 coats for full opacity and has a quick dry-down. I accent this look with Alchemy, a flamboyant gold. I like it so much I won't buy any other gold as they could never top this one. Also covering opaquely with 2 coats, it dries shiny and amazing. Deco and Alchemy lasted 3 days before the first chips appeared.

Simply delicious.
I love these shades apart as much as I love them together. I rate Deco 4.5 out of 5 stars and Alchemy a coveted 5 stars. I'll get much more wear out of Alchemy.

Comment below and tell me which LVX (pronunced Luxe) shades you own or have used and don't forget to +1 to share the swatches with your circles!



Guarded Jewel a Vegan Lakur by Londontown

While this was not my first experience with Lakur by Londontown, (swatches of
Purple Reign are on my Instagram) it also wasn't the same outcome. I make mention of this because had it been my first, at $22 a bottle, it would have been my last.

Guarded Jewel:
Protected in the Tower of London, the crown jewels are an essence of British culture that merits guarding.

Preventing a Broken Makeup Palette

How could I have prevented this from happening in the first place and how can I prevent a future disaster?
Simple: Had I layered the palette with flat cotton squares or cotton rounds to take up the additional space between the product and mirror, the pan would not have come loose and exploded!

Best of Beauty Seasonal Set by Freeman Beauty

Tis the season for skin that glows!

Freeman Beauty has done it again!!

More IS merrier with Freeman Beauty's limited edition Best of Beauty Seasonal Set. These 12 fabulously fragrant treats are perfect for prepping skin before a big night out or for soothing your skin as you settle in for a warm winter evening. Valued over $70, it’s all yours for just $17.99.

The Best of Beauty Seasonal Set Includes:

BECCA Satin Finish Foundation Swatches

From #iFabboSFcon I present swatches from the 18 shade collection of Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation by BECCA Cosmetics. A medium coverage formula, this buildable foundation is packed full of skin-loving antioxidants and feels very lightweight. The perfect product to use on your One Perfecting Brush!

Light Collection. Click to enlarge image.

Imperial Honey Body Butter by Perlier

From my iFabbo shop, this body butter is made from the honey of African Black Bees and blended with Royal Jelly. Unscrew the plastic tub and you will discover a luxurious white cream. Imperial Honey Body Butter is very moisturizing - perfect for these winter months - yet it does not leave a greasy residue on my skin. It has a soft, almost powdery feeling once it dries down. Imperial Honey Body Butter by Perlier keeps my very dry body skin moist and comfortable for several hours so I only have to apply it out of the shower. Since I wash my hands several times a day I find it most comfortable to reapply this butter after each washing. I will note to not over-apply, it can 'ball up' a bit.

People Magazine VIP Experience.

Love me some Klout Perks. This one, brought to you by People Magazine, is the People VIP kit.

My perks allows me to enjoy 3 months of PEOPLE magazine with full digital access and a deluxe gift box with 5 Editor's Picks:
•Rembrandt Intense Stain dissolving strips.
•Jamberry Nails ombre nailpolish stickers.
•Animal Print Scarf.
•Designer Note Cards, set of 5.
•Washi Tape trio.

•Blue Bangle. Oh so Kate Spade!

Want your own V.I.P. subscription?

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