Cerulean an Audacious Intricate Polish.

This audacious blue is an amazing statement color for the season. Cerulean is intricate, inviting and is the perfect cool bright addition into our Spring palette.
This groundbreaking blue pairs well with pristine white and shades of golden yellow.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is my favourite shade at the moment. I have worn it 5 times in as many weeks - I just can't get enough. I am almost addicted to Cerulean. It's bright but not neon. It's perfect for spring/summer but can punch up a Winter White wardrobe. Another easy application, Cerulean goes on cleanly and streak-free with only 2 coats. I find this has the best finish if you apply it thinly and use three strokes. The creamy finish is completely opaque and lasts 2.5 - 3 days before chipping. Another LVX winner!! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Here's the real deal: you must start with a base coat - Cerulean stains your nails. If you forget and staining occurs, use can use whitening toothpaste or lemons to remove the pigments.

Fantom. A combination of all colours.

This timeless and elegant classic grounds our everyday life.
White nails have taken the elements of the traditional French manicure and morphed it into a youthful, modern and chic look.
Pair this ever so classic yet edgy look with bright and romantic colors such as emerald and indigo.

This is a show stopper of a shade. Every time I have it on people comment, 'Ohhh, white nails!' What I love most about Fantom by LVX is the creamy, shiny shade. This isn't your grade-school I-just-painted-my-nails-with-White-Out white, this is streak free, 5-free chip resistant shade we have been looking for! Check out my Instagram... I used Fantom for my first nail art! Start with a base coat and apply only 2 shades of Fantom; this is one of those less is more products. Finish with a top coat and done! Sexy, unexpected POW!

Available for $16.00 on www.shopLVX.com from the Spring 2013 collection, I rate Fantom 4.5 stars out of 5. LOVE IT!!!!!!! This particular shade dulls easily so a top coat is a must!

Spinning Gold with LVX

Alchemy, the transformation of metals into gold.
Let this amazing shade transform your dark winter wardrobe.
Alchemy is a flamboyant hue that pays homage to the Summer gold trend in accessories.

Only today did I realize that I leave this bottle on my desk. Enchanted, I find myself tilting and slowly turning the vessel to watch the pigments fall from the slick glass surface, as if I am spinning a kaleidoscope of gold. It takes 2 easy coats of Alchemy to cover my nails. The finish is amazing - it is not glitter. If you have ever over-sprayed a can of metallic paint, causing it to run... that is what this shade looks like! It is the most stunning shade of gold I have used. Not too yellow and it covers opaquely, not sheer, so the impact is BAM!
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