Going All In with Whip Hand Cosmetics

It's more than makeup.

And it's much more than a fundraising campaign.

It's your chance to play a hand in making motor city,
Makeup City.

Ante up, Gorgeous.

Why your help is so important.

Indie brands run a financially tight ship, they have to or they will not stay afloat. In fact, many start-up founders do not take home a paycheck the first 18-24 months; profits are cycled back into the company to fuel the fire of innovation. As a small business owner, I know first hand that you have to spend money to make money but you can't spend money that you don't have. Without adding funds outside of product sales, businesses become stagnant and the lack of growth leaves them in a perpetual cycle of 'cash in cash out'. This is where fundraising comes in. Crowdfunding helps a business grow without the added stress of interest building on a loan, large monthly repayments or a financier wanting to approve how the money is spent.

Participate in one of the greatest urban revivals in history:

Whip Hand Cosmetics has clearly stated how they will put the money you contribute to work. The initial $75k will be used to purchase new filling and labeling equipment, develop and launch new products, vessels and packaging. Doubling this goal to $140k allows Whip Hand to launch Whip Hand Studios, an in-house photography, makeup and video studio.  

Think of the possibilities. It's mind blowing!

And if we can get this campaign to go viral and help Whip Hand raise $225k they will start building their downtown Detroit House of Glam. Complete with a retail space and factory - where you can watch cosmetics being made - the second floor will feature a place for makeup artists, fashion designers and photographers to come and collaborate in the Classroom, Studio and Event Spaces.

Ready to raise and be rewarded?

Click here to visit Whip Hand Cosmetic's Indiegogo campaign page While you can contribute any amount you wish, Whip Hand is offering rewards in exchange for your funds. Starting at $23 you can own limited edition cosmetics, clothing and experiences like a private consultation for you and 5 of your friends with Riese Lauriat.

Click the link, Kitten and make history.


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