Meditating Seaside with the Home Depot

Every so often I like to open a can of get it done and when I do, I can always count on Home Depot to make my DIY dreams come to life. Case in point, my 14 year old console table. An impulse purchase from a Pottery Barn floor sample sale, this table cost me $67 and has been a workhorse from day one. When I trecked from Florida to California, it came with me and it arrived damaged from the cheap moving company I used. It sat in my garage for 2 years until one day I decided to refinish it.

I do not know what came over me. I blame the green shag rug in the same room for the bad influence.
(L) Original stain. (R) Emerald after prep sanding.

I sanded the table smooth and added an emerald tinted stain to the table top while keeping the iron legs black. It looked nice. The colour was rich and shiny and I proudly displayed the table in the dining room but it never settled with me. I felt the green was too country chic for our monochromatic modern house. It didn't match anything else other than the rug and even that was a reach. It just wasn't right. So I did what I do best. I refinished it. Again.

I knew exactly what I wanted. Actually I knew what I wanted the day I brought that green sore thumb upstairs. I wanted white. Crisp. Clean. Pure. White. But I wanted to refresh the legs too, to modernize the console table and align the colour palette with a piece of art on the opposite wall of the dining room. A quick run to Home Depot yielded 2 shades, 4 cans total. It was suggested to me, by someone awesome in the paint department, to try Rustoleum Universal paint + primer in one, so I went for it. I chose Gloss White for the too and  Flat Antique Nickel is perfect for the base. I can't believe my luck!

The new Antique Nickel. It's sparkly and matte!
I used my Ryobi palm sander and 220 grit sand paper to remove the sheen from the green stain. Looking at the image above, you can see I didn't remove the green completely. Then I used a 120 grit sanding sponge to prep the legs. The sponge is easier to hold and control than folded paper alone. 

I used all of the spray paint. I knew I would use the white but I was shocked that I needed 2 cans for the base. I think the reason was paint loss, trying to paint those thin bars. The Rustoleum paint + primer was a bit difficult for me to work with. I found the application and finish inconsistent. The shininess - think top coat on nail polish - only came when the can was upright and when I sprayed the paint continuously, not in short bursts. Basically the 4 cans sprayed the same; differently with a different thickness when I turned the can any direction other than upright.

Click to enlarge for detail.

I let everything dry overnight and reattached the top to the base. This console table serves as my meditation alter. After I put the table back in place, I thought the white candle holders on the wall were too much white, so I repainted them 'Seaside', also by Rustoleum.

I love it. I love it so much!
What do you think, Kitten?
Have you refinished a piece of furniture in your house?

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