Corrupted Ciate Neon Manicure

Did you see the amazing Ciate Nails sets my boyfriend gave me for Christmas?
Ever since that gift I have been intrigued by this line and now follow their releases.

Click pictures to enlarge for detail.

The one I didn't want to pass by? The Corrupted Neon Manicure. I was shopping the Nordstrom Sale with Franci and came across this set. She purchased Foam Party blue and I went for Club Tropicana orange! It contains a full size Paint Pot Nail Polish in Cha Cha Cha and Caviar Pearls (glitter) in Club Tropicana. But the secret sauce to this set is the mini Black Light Topcoat... Which can be applied over any polish to offer the glow in the dark feature.

Welcome to the polish that never sleeps! This collection brings you the zestiest matte neon shades. Style your look by sprinkling glitter over wet polish for a sizzling finish and as the sun sets, light up the night with the afterglow top coat. With clear-on application, this clever polish soaks up the daylight and continues to glow in the dark.

(L) before topcoat (R) after topcoat

We were given some best practices from employees of the Nordstrom Beauty Department on how to achieve the best mani with this set. I start with 1 coat of ChromeGirl Base Coat followed by 2 coats of Cha Cha Cha. When I bring it into daylight, it is bright, gorgeous and 'neon'. However in the indoor light, it is more of a blood orange. I decided to add the glitter Caviar Pearls to my ring finger only, as an accent nail, to test the waters. I add 1 coat of Cha Cha Cha and let it dry for 3 minutes. I apply a second coat and while wet, I immediately follow with the glitter. I pour the glitter on my nail, over the tray that was included so I can pour the excess back in the bottle. After my nail is coated with glitter, I gently press the glitter onto my nail, making sure it adheres to the polish. I wait until my all of my nails are fully dry before I apply the Black Light Topcoat. The mini sized bottle offers clear liquid which applies easily and has a moderately shiny finish. Yet, it is the addition of this topcoat that saddens me.  Once applied to the sparkly sugar coating, that sugarcoated finish melts, looking similar to OPI Liquid Sand.

Taken using a black light.
This was a very difficult shot for me to get. It 'glowed' under the black light a peachy orange but I found the topcoat to be streaky, some areas glowed more than others. Maybe I should have applied 2 coats for a more even finish. If I were in a club environment, this would be super cool but as an everyday polish, you're only enjoying the true pigment.

What I found to be unfortunate is, this polish crazed after 2 days. Crazed = cracking like cheap dishes. I filtered the above image black and white so you can see the crazing a little easier. While The area with the Caviar Pearls didn't craze, it did chip and which it is chipped is slightly lifting off of my nail. I confirmed with Franci that this did NOT happen with her mani - she coated all of her nails with glitter. I applied 2 coats of colour with one coat of topcoat and could see through the Cha Cha Cha - when I was gardening, I got dirt under my nails and could see the dirt through the polish. As it stands, I rate this set 3 stars. I hate to say how disappointed I am but I expected a more opaque and longer lasting finish.

Did you purchase one of these sets?
Which one, Kitten?
What were your results?


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