Control Corrective An exclusive Press Sampler Pack.

I have become a bonafide #ControlFreak so you can imagine how excited I was to be chosen to recieve a press Kit from Control Corrective. Inside were 2 of each sample, giving me the opportunity to get a feel for each of these products.

 Control Core
•Cucumber Bead Cleanser
•Hydrant Stabilizer
 Control Sun Damage
•Crystal C Serum
 Control Signs of Aging
•Anti-Winkle Face & Neck Cream
 Control Sensitivity
•Botanical Soothing Cream
 Control Acne
•Clear Med 5%  

I will be reviewing each item with 1 exception: I will link my review of Medicated Pumice Wash, also from the Control Acne line, instead of Clear Med 5% because I am allergic to sulfa and am unable to use this product.

Crisp, aromatic and refreshing Cucumber Bead Cleanser sloughs off debris and gently deep cleans to maximum refreshment. Circular polyethylene granules in a cream base efficiently exfoliate pore-clogging oils and cellular debris while killing bacteria.

This is an amazingly refreshing cleanser. It's not artificially sweet smelling; the cucumber is authentic and light, not overpowering at all. In an aloe shaded gel, the exfoliation is similar to the Medicated Pumice Wash from the Control Acne collection. It doesn't take much Cucumber Bead Cleanser to feel refreshed. It rinses off cleanly without any residue or remaining beads. My skin is very comfortable without feeling tight from over-drying or irritated from the exfoliation. 6.7 oz $24

After I dried my face I applied Crystal C Serum. As an enhancement to any anti-aging regimen, Crystal C Serum revitalizes, evens out and firms up compromised skin with bright efficiency. A combination of stable Vitamin C and hydrating aloe vera - with both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties - team up to aid tissue repair beneath the skin's surface, the source of true luminosity.

This is where I could tell I had a product on my skin. I was surprised at the thinness of Crystal C Serum. This is unlike any serum that I have applied, it looks like oil but it is not at all oily. I applied this serum using my patting technique and continued to pat my face for a solid minute, until the product dried down. My skin felt tight but not uncomfortable, I could tell that I had a firming treatment on my face. 1 oz $50.

As I waited for Crystal C Serum to dry/soak in, I applied eye moisturizer from another brand as a Control Corrective eye cream was not provided - but I have used it and it is amazing!

Hydrant Stabilizer is a super-moisturizing, oil-free gel that immediately relieves even the most extreme dehydration - from your own natural body chemistry, too-drying topical products, harsh weather conditions, environmental pollutants, medications or poor diet - with soothing water-based moisture.

I can see how you could easily over apply this product. You really only need a pea sized amount and I recommend using my patting technique for a through application. For all skin types, Hydrant Stabilizer felt a little tacky applied on top of the Crystal C Serum but after a few minutes my skin is no longer tight and I do not feel a single bit of trace or tightness as I did before. 2.5 oz $28


For all skin types, this advanced cocktail of high performance ingredients helps stimulate collagen synthesis - there by easing the look of fine lines, deeper wrinkles and textural irregularity - while promoting smooth, even pigment and tone. 

Our neck and upper chest is probably the most forgotten area of our bodies. I know I personally neglect mine. Not intentionally but it happens. It's not what we were taught so for me, it will be learning a new behaviour and I'm ready to start! I find this to me more of a lotion consistency. I like the light scent, it is clean not chemical. It absorbs very quickly and is non-greasy. 2 oz $96


Botanical Soothing Cream SPF 30 simultaneously treats, moisturizes and protects over-stimulated reddened, inflammed or Rosacea-prone skin. Aloe vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin A join forces to neutralize the redness and flushing that result from vascular over-stimulation. Non-irritating microfine zinc oxide provides full spectrum sunscreen protection.

Botanical Soothing Cream is a staple in my daily skincare regime. As a sufferer of rosacea, this is my wonder cream. As you can see from the photo below, it looks more like a balm but it quickly melts in to my skin, without any greasy residue. Its comforting without interfering with my makeup application or wearability. You can read my full review by clicking here2.5 oz $48

Medicated Pumice Wash works deep to eliminate acne-triggering impurities while prepping skin to be more responsive to treatment products. Deep refreshing cleansing without irritation or abrasion. Circular polyethylene granules gently but efficiently exfoliate pore-clogging oils and cellular debris while killing bacteria.

This acne fighting wash is part of my holy grail cleanser system. I use this cleanser when I get home from work, to clean my skin thoroughly through the removal of facial makeup and the day's dirt and oil. See why I rate this cleanser a coveted 5 out of 5 stars by reading more, here. 6.7oz $28

Have you had an opportunity to try Control Corrective, either through a sampling service like BeautyARMY or perhaps it was part of your spa treatment? Have you added a Control Corrective product to your skincare regime? Which one?
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