How fabulous! A rubberizing mask that is pure bliss.

I LOVE bliss skincare. The at-home spa treatments are top notch in my book so imagine how excited I was to find the fabulous skin-reviving rubberizing mask at TJ Maxx for only $14.99!! This 6 treatment box retails for $38.00 and is the most requested facial upgrade in the bliss spas and I can feel and see why.

Boost your skincare regimen with this straight-from-our-spa facial treatment, a weekly must for all skin types. The unique rubberizing mask is designed to envelop skin’s surface, allowing its key ingredients to be optimally absorbed by the skin. The brightening, skin-renewing formula is packed with powerful antioxidants and nourishing, detoxifying seaweed. So if you’re looking for a bright and healthy complexion, ‘mask’ and you shall receive.


With freshly clean skin, I start by pouring the contents of the powder packet into a ramekin and add a scoop full of water, as directed. Using the included tongue depressor, I mixed the 2 ingredients together until I had a blended, creamy gray paste that resembled epoxy. I bravely start with my forehead and apply a blob of product using the same tongue depressor and smear it out. I repeat this process until my face is well covered and the mask starts to firm. You will see a few photos down the page, a very rough texture in the mask. This is from drag marks in the areas that I was adding the remaining product, in an attempt to use it all.


Avoiding my eye area, hairline, brows, lips and nose ring, I applied some of the mask just under my chin and noticed it did start to form drip marks. It didn't actually drip off or run anywhere it should not have but I wanted to make sure you are prepared, for your own experience. Immediately I notice a very cooling feeling. It is super refreshing. I will say, it smells a little rubbery / muddy but this is not where I want perfume; fragrance is the 100% known irritant.

Mixed thoroughly in about 20 strokes.

This mask is very comfortable; no tightness, no stinging. It mixes together quickly and starts to set in 3 or 4 minutes so make sure your work swiftly. The rough texture in the photo is where I tried to add the remaining product so I did not waste but the mask was already starting to firming. Again be mindful; it starts to drip and requires you attention to smooth out those drips. This is a thick application but easy to spread around face and navigate those areas you are trying to avoid such as your hairline; it is unpleasant to remove from your hair.

The rough patch under my eye is from adding product too late.

Removal is very easy, it does not 'stick' to the skin the way traditional peel off masks stick. I started above my lip and broke that strip and slowly started puling in an upward motion. I tore the mask into 4 section for easiest removal and any little bits that remained after I peeled the mask off were easily removed with a damp cotton round.

My skin was glowing. I can not believe how even my tone was, how my current acne 'situation' looked as though it was healed and how my pored were nonexistent. My face truly looked refreshed; Like a day at the spa. Divine. Even my super sensitive skin was in love and looking to book the next spa date! I know I got a steal at $2.50 per treatment  but even the full cost of $6.33 per treatment is a great value for the results. I rate the bliss fabulous skin-reviving rubberizing mask a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. I will absolutely repurchase this mask set and I recommend it for anyone looking for a brightening boost.

Have you tried this or another bliss treatment?
Which one?

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