Cupcakes and #28Kisses

Not only is this my second #28Kisses post, 
 today is my birthday! WOOT!!

I was excited to make Cupcake my first Too Faced lipstick purchase. Drenched in shea butter, rich color, and diamond shine, our exclusive formula smoothes out fine lines and creases while it pampers your lips with a flavorful moisture surge of pure champagne essences. This shade is a pale bubblegum pink with silver shimmer. Once on, it is very creamy and super comfortable feeling but I notice when I first apply Cupcake it has a gritty texture in the tube but that feeling does not transfer to my lips Nor do I find it uncomfortable - it is not like I am being scratched, it is simply something I notice. I'm thinking it is the shea butter.

Bare lips, Cupcake no flash no filter, Cupcake flash no filter.

I swipe my lipsticks 3 times, once to the right, once to the left and back to the right. Indoors this shade looks muted and sheer however under bright light, especially the flash on my camera, it is vivid. Cupcake stays colour true, does not bleed or feather off of my lips and suffers minimal transfer. Retailing for $22.00 the plastic vessel looks like pink metal and there is a darling jewel on tip, like a diamond. I like this lipstick and would like to try other shades but it's not a product I would race out to replace or repurchase. I rate this paraben-free formula 4 stars out of 5.

Which Too Faced shade have you tried?
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