#28Kisses of Besame Red

It's rare that you love a vessel in a way that it completes the experience and needs to be mentioned. The compact, bullet-style tube features exclusive Besame artwork on the golden cover and opens to reveal a chiseled red lipstick. This is a lipstick that I would expect to find on my Grandmother's vanity. Not that it is 'old lady' but the design is era appropriate. If I were to see this as a little girl, my shy inquisitive self would 'borrow' it, put it on, try to remove the evidence, replace the tube and deny the incident. And treasure every minute of it.

Unable to locate my lip brush, I take full advantage of the sharp angle that the tip of this lipstick provides. I start by lining the top of my bow, then the bottom of my bow, then I fill in my lips. I learn the hard way that you should not roll your lips with this product in order to distribute it's coverage. Apply. Blot. Wait 2 minutes and apply a second coat. The colour is rich, bold and completely vintage. Besame Red applies easily from the tube and while it does not dry out my lips, it leaves a non-creamy, matte finish.

Flash, no filter.
This is a red that you need to wear with confidence or it will wear you. I am completely in love with this lipstick and the Besame brand. Introduced through Beauty Army, I am eager to try different shades; The formula is comfortable, fairly long lasting with minimal transfer. Besame Red does stain my pale skin so I apply it with caution. Once it is on, it does not feather off of my lips, nor does it change hue - a problem I have with pinks and reds. I did exfoliate my lips about 30 minutes before I did this swatch so I am unable to comment on it's behavior over dry lips skin. This is the perfect colour to punch up with gloss. Whether it is Mark Cosmetics Blow Kisses or YSL Golden Gloss. I rate Besame Red 4.5 out of 5 stars. Have you tried Besame Cosmetics? Which product?

I received Besame Red as employee gratis.
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