Too Faced Teddy Bears and Illamasqua Varnish

You know how it goes. You get a few things for Christmas and even though you like them you had you eye on a few other things, so you make an exchange! I already own one set of these Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Shadow Brushes brushes and since I use them more than the other brushes in my collection, I felt it was a smart idea to invest in another set. Not to be lackadaisical about cleaning but to have additional clean brushes as the week goes on. Retailing for $39 for the set of 3, it brings each brush to $13 which is very reasonable to me.

I was looking online for some new nail things, tools mainly and came across this nailpolish set from Illamasqua. Featuring Viridian, peacock green shimmer and Glitterati, raspberry glitter. This limited edition set was $25.00. This is my first experience with this Brand's polish line. I have one of their lipsticks in Drench, which I adore.

Stay tuned for swatches and reviews!! Thanks for joining me, Gorgeous! What was you last Sephora haul?
I have to grab my birthday gift next!!

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