Josie Maran : Blemishes R Gone Argan Acne Clearing Pads

Back in June 2012 I made a haul which included Blemishes R Gone Argan Acne Clearing Pads by Josie Maran. I didn't use them right away, which is why this review is coming 7 months later. As an adult acne sufferer I am looking for a new product to add to my arsenal because my current acne fighting favourite is no longer sold.

The round pad is slightly textured and quite thin. I thought I would receive more exfoliation from the round itself but it turns out to be quite soft. I found that if I didn't apply this to completely dry skin, the pad bunched up, making my circular application impossible and frustrating me in the process. The 60 pads are a 1 month supply, designed to use 1 round in the morning and 1 at night. The salicylic acid is gentle and did not burn nor did I feel an alcohol evaporation. My skin was soft and supple and never sticky. I can say I did not suffer additional breakouts while using these pads, I also felt they did not aid in clearing my acne. I enjoyed using it but truthfully I did not connect to these pads and will not repurchase. I recommend these to someone who is a normal/combination skin type with occasional breakouts, mainly around 'that time of the month'. I rate these 3.5 out of 5 stars. For $28, I expected more. As I search for the price and additional details, it appears these have been discontinued. No love loss here.

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