Shea Terra Organics : Moroccan Rose Water

"Leave your skin silky soft as you tone and hydrate with true rose water. 100% Natural.
Moroccan rose water is great for tired eyes, moisturizing skin, cooling inflamed skin and much more."

Toner, the often oh-so-forgotten step of our skincare regime is an import part of our arsenal and should not be cast aside so quickly. Toners balance the skin and remove debris left behind after using masks and soaps. Toners also prepare skin for the next steps: serums and moisturizers.

Antioxidant rich Rose Water is a byproduct of steam distillation, the process that's used to isolate the plant's essential oil.  One of the main benefits of rose water is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated skin.

Covergirl / BzzAgent : Flipstick Swatches and Review

I really enjoyed this collection. FlipStick is not one of the lipsticks I would have gone out of my way to purchase and a big part of that is the lacking of staying powder and the fact most shades do not stay tube true: they usually turn bubblegum pink. While I did fall victim to this unfortunate happening during this buzz it was not from the one I thought: It was from the orange hued Stunner.

The lighter shades were too frosty to wear on their own yet the darker shades are amazing, I would purchase more of those! These are highly pigmented and very frosty and very metallic - not a look everyone can pull off. This is the best Covergirl lip product that I have used. They were moisturizing, non-drying and long lasting. I would recommend these duos.

Christmas 2012 Haul : Coach, NuMe and Ciate!

The Ciate Mini Mani Set, where behind each door lies a very colorful surprise. I came across this Nordstrom exclusive during a late night of online window shopping. I opted to pick it up in store which was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and on the way home decided to have my boyfriend give it to me for Christmas. Since I haven't actually seen this set or any other Ciate paint pots in person, it was a cyber-surprise. A $168 value, it retailed for $58.00 and was created in limited quantities which sold out very quickly.

Enspri : Ultra Collagen Facial Treatment Review

From my November Beauty Army Kit, this is Ultra Collagen, a 2 part mask by Enspri. I was not sure if I wanted to use this facial treatment because I was afraid it would deposit too much hydration, as it is designed as an anti-aging product, and irritate my acne. As you can see from the pictures below, my face is broken out. I am grateful that I decided to mix and apply this amazing product, the results were so outstanding, it looked like I had a 90 minute facial.

I started by shaking the entire packette like  sugar pack. This ensured that the powder didn't spill when I tore the top off. From the photo above you can see I did not rip the entire top off of the packette, since you mix the 2 parts, only separated by a perforated edge, I tore side 1 open to the center edge to retrieve the powder and then tore side 2 open in the opposite direction to access the gel. Since I could not shakes the gel down, I used my thumb and pointer finger to move all the gel to the bottom of the packette. Then I opened it and used my thumb and pointer to externally scrape all of part 2 into the ramekin.

pur-lisse : pur-eye adore Review

I was introduced to pur~lisse through BeautyARMY. Although I didn't have the opportunity to select pur~lisse for one of my Kits, I knew from reading reviews that people loved the products. So when I came across a full size, brand new in the box, pur~eye adore at TJ Maxx, I pounced.

This cream/gel formula is very light weight and soothing. It absorbs quickly and leaves my delicate eye skin very comfortable. Because pur~eye adore absorbs without trace residue on the surface, it has never warmed and moving into my eyes nor has it cause additional acne or acne irritation. I have had my fair share of eye creams clogging pores and causing breakouts.

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