butterLONDON: Slapper

HOT! I love this shade! Actually, I am so in love with butterLONDON, I am slowing converting my collection.  If you are not familiar with butterLONDON their nail lacquers are high fashion and 3 Free (non-toxic).  Free of: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Parabens.  Starting Nail Foundation, I apply one coat and wait 2 minutes before I apply two coats of Slapper. Waiting a 2 minute wait between those coats, too. I finish by applying one coat of Hardwear, butterLONDON's top coat.

From the 2012 Summer collection it is described perfectly: A truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright.  You might be thinking to yourself, are her nails chipped?  Yes they are - I wanted to show you how little chipping there is...

Skincare on schedule.

I created this Sunday to Saturday schedule so I could 'use up' all of my different skin and body care products. Silly, you might say. What I find to be silly is spending your hard earned money on ancillary items only to throw them away because they are old. Seriously, how much skincare have you 'forgotten' about? Making the schedule helped me clean out products that I no longer use and pare down the discovery of duplicates, often similar products by different vendors, that I am able to list on the Schedule and more importantly use. Finally.  All of those trend shows!

 Click on Schedule to enlarge.


Read more for my current product key.

Shea Terra Organics Whipped Butter Haul

I'm not sure where or how but I stumbled across a post to buy a $40 Shea Terra Organics certificate for $20 on SpaRahRah.  I pounced! Then I held on to it forever. Like 2 whole months. I simply couldn't decide what to buy and I wanted something different than the usual suspects.
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Jane Tran Bobbies from Anthropologie

I have a weakness for bobby pins.  Especially Jane Tran. I own 3 sets and just added this sweet 4th.  A total of 10 sets (20 pins) and a total of 6 different shades, they are jewelry for your hair.  I like my pins to be seen and these colours are a perfect standout.  Retailing $15 for the 20 pin box, I purchased this set at Anthropologie.

How about you, Gorgeous?
Are you familiar with Jane Tran?
Do you have any of her pins?


HauteLook Haul: Institut Karite

Another dreamy Brand that I met through my Beauty Army Kits! Institut Karite is a company known for it's shea butter or karite.  I am so in love with the hand cream that was in my May Beauty Army Kit, when I saw IK pop up on Hautelook one day I POUNCED!  But what else is new, right?  I was super excited as Hautelook is a hit or miss when it comes to a large variety of products.  Fortunately, this was a total hit.

A 100% Pure•ly Amazing Haul!

I had to run to Santana Row this weekend and just happen to wander into 100% Pure while they were having a buy 3 get 1 free sale!  Starving for some yummy body scrub, I went straight to my bff: Strawberry Lemonade! Do not eat.  Do not eat.  I love this scrub, it smells EXACTLY like the tastiest lemonade that you have every dreamed of tasting.  Next I caught something I have been looking for but wasn't looking for: a flat head brush for my blusher and bronzer.  As soft and pure as cotton, this brush will find it's place happily alongside my brush collection.

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