Shea Terra Organics : Moroccan Rose Water

"Leave your skin silky soft as you tone and hydrate with true rose water. 100% Natural.
Moroccan rose water is great for tired eyes, moisturizing skin, cooling inflamed skin and much more."

Toner, the often oh-so-forgotten step of our skincare regime is an import part of our arsenal and should not be cast aside so quickly. Toners balance the skin and remove debris left behind after using masks and soaps. Toners also prepare skin for the next steps: serums and moisturizers.

Antioxidant rich Rose Water is a byproduct of steam distillation, the process that's used to isolate the plant's essential oil.  One of the main benefits of rose water is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated skin.

Meet Shea Terra's Moroccan Rose Water. An alcohol-free formula, it will firm and tighten pores without stripping or drying skin. Don't reserve this to just toning duties, Moroccan Rose Water provides anti-aging benefits when added to your favorite masks as an alternative to tap water. This fragrantly sweet water has long been valued for its superior hydrating powers creating silky soft skin as it delicately plumps cells. The idea behind this is that sugars found in rose petals add to rose water's soothing effect, and its natural oils trap moisture in the skin, helping it feel and look smoother.  

Reviewing a 1 oz Press Sample sent to BeautyARMY, the full size vessel is 4 oz and retails for $16.00. This deluxe sample lasted me 2 months. It did not irritate my acne or rosacea. It dried down without any trace or sticky residue/feeling. I was able to add my Indie Lee Squalane Oil on top as I normally would both day and night. This is the second toner that I have used from Shea Terra and I rate this one a coveted 5 stars. While I like the addition and evaporation of alcohol, I enjoyed this just as much. I would absolutely purchase a full size and I think I am going to try the one with Which Hazel, next.
How about you, Gorgous, do you use a toner? Which one?

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