Kat Von D : Lipstick Duo Swatches and Review

I wanted these so badly, I didn't realize the duet was perfectly purse-sized;
 I thought they were full size.
I have so many lipsticks, this is actually better!
“A shade for every occasion.” -Kat Von D

Painted Love in Underage Red, a bright crimson, leaves a gorgeous matte finish while Foiled Love in Forever & Never, a metallic golden peach, boasts a 3D metallic finish. These high-pigment lip lovers promise a burst of color with long-lasting results and they deliver.
Forever & Never is highly metallic with an opaque finish and surprisingly creamy for such a frosty formula. I achieved full coverage with 3 swipes across each lip. I see more copper than I do peach. I would say this is a modern version of Prescriptives Power (discontinued) than Cliniques Bronzed Leaf (current). While I love this shade, it is a little too much frost for an all over lipcolour. I would use this as a layering agent and I plan on layering it over Lipsi Cosmetics Under Oath and Clinique's Colour Surge in Cranberry Cream. This fragrance-free shade stayed colour true and did not feather off of my lips or become sticky at any point. There was average transfer to my coffee cup, my lips were soft after it wore off and I didn't have to apply it any more or less than other lipsticks.

Underage Red is noticeably creamier. A more vivid red than I am used to wearing, it has a pin-up feel to it. Bright. Attention grabbing. A bit Daring. This is a shade you have to wear for it could easily wear you. The blue base makes my teeth look extremely white. Now let me be honest, my teeth are bleached so they are hella white but if you look through some some of my other lippy swatches you will see the difference this shade provides. My teeth aside, I'm hoping this shade stays tube-true and does not turn pink, a problem I tend to suffer more often than not.

And it does. I do not experience any shade change, it does not feather off of my lips and stays comfortable the entire wear. What I like most about this formula is, it's quite forgiving to dry lips while maintaining moderately full coverage. This lipstick would look so hot with a golden gloss on top. YUM! I achieved the coverage I was looking for with 3 swipes across each lip. 

This set of 2 lipsticks, .042 oz each, retail for $10 and are sold on sephora.com, exclusively. rate each of these lipsticks 4.5 out of 5 stars. While gorgeous shades, they are not for everyone but are a fun introductory into the Kat Von D cosmetic line. How about you, have you tried any Kat Von D products?

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