Enspri : Ultra Collagen Facial Treatment Review

From my November Beauty Army Kit, this is Ultra Collagen, a 2 part mask by Enspri. I was not sure if I wanted to use this facial treatment because I was afraid it would deposit too much hydration, as it is designed as an anti-aging product, and irritate my acne. As you can see from the pictures below, my face is broken out. I am grateful that I decided to mix and apply this amazing product, the results were so outstanding, it looked like I had a 90 minute facial.

I started by shaking the entire packette like  sugar pack. This ensured that the powder didn't spill when I tore the top off. From the photo above you can see I did not rip the entire top off of the packette, since you mix the 2 parts, only separated by a perforated edge, I tore side 1 open to the center edge to retrieve the powder and then tore side 2 open in the opposite direction to access the gel. Since I could not shakes the gel down, I used my thumb and pointer finger to move all the gel to the bottom of the packette. Then I opened it and used my thumb and pointer to externally scrape all of part 2 into the ramekin.

First into the ramekin is the white 100% marine collagen powder. Milled ultra-fine, this powder is not perfumed and has a distinctive 'marine' scent. Part 2 is a thick clear gel and it's consistency leads me to believe this mask will mix to a paste but it does not, it becomes quite thin and runny, it almost looks lightly foamy.  I use my Try Every Drop spatula to mix the mask as well as apply the entire ramekin to my face. I am able to get a very thorough blend since I can scrape down the sides of my ramekin.

The spatula made application easy and kept my fingers clean. Again, this mask was runny so it would have been quite difficult/messy to apply using my fingers. I kept the ramekin close, so excess product that dripped off of the spatula, dripped into the ramekin. Or keep your face over the sink. This sample contained enough product for my face and neck.

When the mask completely dried, which was about 17 minutes, it became very firm. It was near impossible to open my mouth and you can see little cracks around my lips where I tried. As you can see it is also very shiny. Removal was super easy, it only required a small amount of warm water to come off cleanly and completly. There was zero trace of product remaining in my pores. I dried my face with a towel and add my moisturizer, Indie Lee Squalane oil, and took the below picture. My skin looked and felt amazing. My tone was even, it was super smooth and comfortable without tightness. I thought because of the tightness that I felt while the mask was drying would leave my skin stripped and that did not happen. My pores are non-existent and even my acne spots are lighter in colour and healed within 36 hours.

I love skincare. I say that all the time. I especially love treatments and I am picky with high standards for the quality and effectiveness of a products claim. This mask delivers. I would buy this 2 park system in a heartbeat. Have you mixed this mask yet? What were your impressions? Would you purchase this set? Retailing for $95 on BeautyARMY.com I rate this product a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. I wish this was part of my skin care regime.

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