Christmas 2012 Haul : Coach, NuMe and Ciate!

The Ciate Mini Mani Set, where behind each door lies a very colorful surprise. I came across this Nordstrom exclusive during a late night of online window shopping. I opted to pick it up in store which was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and on the way home decided to have my boyfriend give it to me for Christmas. Since I haven't actually seen this set or any other Ciate paint pots in person, it was a cyber-surprise. A $168 value, it retailed for $58.00 and was created in limited quantities which sold out very quickly.

The Mini Mani Set is gorgeously packaged with:
•17 of Ciaté's bestselling mini Paint Pots.
•4 mini Caviar blends.
•3 exclusive Paint Pot glitter shades.

I did not realize until I opened the set, that it is set up like an advent calendar. Super cute!! The 24 doors each reveal a treasure. I started with door 1 and discovered a message that read Fly a Kite. Perhaps a suggestion on how best to show off this fabulous shade which is called Cupcake Queen.

"A loveable pink shade with a very subtle blue shimmer. Reach for the bright color to exude feel good vibes. Team this with a sunny, vibrant personality."

I can nor wait to uncover the other shades, I am keeping the doors closed until I am ready to swatch another. Somewhere the remaining 17 paintpots are: Twilight, Angel Wings, Cutie Pie, Lady Like Luxe, Big Yellow Taxi, Fade to Greige, Mistress, Dangerous Affair, Cabaret, Cookies and Cream, Power Dressing, Halo, Headliner, Speed Dial, Mojito, Vintage. Followed by Candyshop, Sundance, Prom Queen and Bumble Bee caviar pearls and a funnel. Plus, there are three shades that are exclusive to this set and they are not mentioned on the back... so we'll have to wait and see what they are when I see what's behind door number.....

Another I bought it for my BF to give it to me gifts was a NuMu Reverse Wand. In pink I scored this lovelie after  I bought the Ciate set. I was updating my iPhone and realized that I had the Hautelook app... what did they have for sale this Black Friday... OH! Only the NuMe wand I have had my eye on forever! Retailing for $155 I grabbed this for $55. Woot!

I fell in love with Snow Angel by Philosophy last year and was delighted to see that my BF's mom chose a set for me this year, too. In addition to Snow Angel she gave Gingerbread Body Scrub. YUM!!

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is my favourite fragrance. I purchased my first bottle about a year after it launched and I have worn it exclusively ever since. I think that's about 12 years now. It is so crisp, classic and sexy. I feel like a Goddess when I wear this perfume!

Rounding out my haul is a Coach scarf. Thick and super soft, I love the colours and will wear this well into Spring because let me tell you, it gets hella cold in the City. Last but not least is a Sonicare toothbrush! I owned one for 4 years and the battery died. So my BF was kind enough to replace it for me!

How about you, Beautiful, what were you treated to or what did you treat yourself too?

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