Karuna: Brightening Mask Review

I select the Brightening mask by Karuna for my April BeautyARMY Kit. This all-natural fiber cloth is made from wood pulp which holds more moisture so it can deliver a powerhouse dose of paraben-free ingredients. Ingredients like Grapefruit Seed Extract, which deflects environmental toxins from the skin.  

Following the directions I open the package and my first observation is: This mask is covered with lots of serum and is very wet. Folded, it wasn't as tricky to open as I was portraying, I was afraid that I would rip it apart. Fortunately, it is not that delicate.

I slide the mask out of the packette, open it and apply it to my clean face. I peel off the protective film and move it around, just a bit, to reposition the cloth. The film is a very thin piece of plastic that enables the mask to unfold once you remove it from the packette. Yes, my hands are covered in serum. This is the point where people find it 'messy' but I don't.  I take advantage of all the excess serum and I rub it in so they too can enjoy the benefits of this treatment. Everyone knows dull hands are a sign of aging. I also use my Try Every Drop spatula to scrape out the rest of the excess serum from the packette and put it on my neck.

After 20 minutes I remove the mask and throw it away. I do not rinse the excess serum off of my skin, instead I smooth it into my face, neck and chest. I feel amazing, my skin looks like I just had a 90 minute facial. I am so refreshed looking, I actually go foundation-free for 3 full days!  I will absolutely purchase a full size set of these masks.  A 4-pack is $28.00 making it only $7.00 per treatment. That's 5 star spa-like results for steal!

How about you, Gorgeous.
Have you tried Karuna masks?
Did you select one in your BeautyARMY Kit, Too?
Which one?
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