SunTints Lip Balm by M•A•C

I will be the first to admit that I am not a MAC addict. Actually, I only started using the line about 3 years ago.  I have been a Stila fanatic since 1995 so I wasn't surprised when I came across this gloss, that I had not heard of it until that day I was window shopping at The Cosmetics Company Store.  Super excited to have a balm with a high SPF, I raced home to take these pictures so I can smother my lips with it!

The only other balm that I have used is from Clinique SuperBalm and I love it.  I set myself up with an expectation that this balm will live up to the Clinique balm and no.  Unfortunately, I find it's goopy and sticky.  I have way to much product on my lips, so I take it off and try again.  Less product - same result.

Into the BFF bag it goes.  That's the bag of tested products that I let all of my friends rifle through since I can not donate items that have been used.  Containing .33floz, this balm is in an easy to apply tube.  It was not perfumy nor it didn't sting my lips, not that it had a reason too. The balm was pale pink in shade but fairly sheer when it went on. Retailing for $16 in the MAC shops/counters, I paid $9.50 at the Estee Lauder outlet shop.

Bottom line:
Would I rebuy? No. This is not the consistency of product that I want on my lips and I think the $16 counter cost is overpriced.

What about you, Gorgeous?
Have you tried this? I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below.

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