A 100% Pure•ly Amazing Haul!

I had to run to Santana Row this weekend and just happen to wander into 100% Pure while they were having a buy 3 get 1 free sale!  Starving for some yummy body scrub, I went straight to my bff: Strawberry Lemonade! Do not eat.  Do not eat.  I love this scrub, it smells EXACTLY like the tastiest lemonade that you have every dreamed of tasting.  Next I caught something I have been looking for but wasn't looking for: a flat head brush for my blusher and bronzer.  As soft and pure as cotton, this brush will find it's place happily alongside my brush collection.

I LOVE lemon.  LOVE it. And was super excited to add the Meyer Lemon butter soap to my collection of luxurious, natural body care. Now to keep it from my BF.  I love the shape - it looks like a bar of gold in a pink paper wrapper with a textured ribbon.  The scent is creamy not tart.  My final treat was a package of 50 Oil-blotting sheets.  Made of anti-bacterial wood pulp and hemp, they will freshen skin without disturbing makeup or adding more product.  This small package is the perfect size for any makeup bag.

They came home with me inside this fabulous cotton bag - perfect for traveling with treats... the ones I can eat and the ones I can't.  :)

How about you, Gorgeous?
Have you been able to try anything from 100% Pure?
What is your favourite product?
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