pur Mineral Tinted Moisturizer

I was so excited that I received this in Light since the most common shade is Medium.  Makeup samples are very expensive to create, so I understand why a company would go with the median shade - more ROI!!  Designed to be a 4-in-1 moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF 20, this Mineral Tinted Moisturizer is from purMinerals - a brand I am not familiar.  

I squeezed out way too much the first time; it is a thin product that goes a long way since you need a very small amount. It went on very easy and stayed smooth and pliable until it was blended but it never really 'set'.  I felt beyond dewy, I felt very greasy even after dusted with Lancome's translucent loose powder. Perhaps a dry skin would love the constant hydration.  It would work well blending cream/gel blushes and the light coverage evened out my skintone.  I personally felt as though I was wearing a non-prestige mask of foundation, especially after I saw the transfer to my iPhone.  

This deluxe sized sample, which was part of my April Birchbox is a generous .3oz and probably contains a month's worth of product.  I hope one of my dry skin friends is able to use it!  The full 1.7oz size retails for $34 making this sample a value of $6.80.

What about you, Gorgeous....
Have you heard of purMinerals?
Have you tried or do you use this brand, if so, what are your thoughts?
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