How to Prevent Mascara Dry•Out

It is important to me that you know, I wrote this post not for you to extend the life of your mascara beyond 90 days but to make the most of those 90 days. I know what it feels like, to experience the dry out some mascaras seem to develop around day 65.  I feel cheated when this happens, especially if I spent top dollar.

So how do I keep my mascara looking clump-free the entire three months that it is in use? Simple. I use a microwave safe juice glass, fill it half full, microwave on medium high for 1 minute and when it is done, I bring it into the bathroom and put my mascara in the hot water and give it a water bath while I finish my makeup.

In a few minutes, I am ready to apply my mascara so I remove the tube from the water bath, remove the wand from the tube and wipe the wand with a tissue, reinsert the wand and apply as usual.  I do this every day after I feel the mascara start to thicken.

Microwave water only, in a microwave safe glass.

I hope this tip is able to work for you and you are able to get the most of your 3 month relationship with whichever mascara is currently in your life!!  Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you try this or use s similar technique.


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