The 3 Little Bears by Too Faced

I have been asking the makeups Gods for more TeddyBuki brushes from Too Faced for a few years now and my prayers have been finally been answered!  haha!

As a Beauty Blogger, I am embarrassed to admit that I had no idea these brushes were available until I was spending a Gift Card at Sephora.  I guess I thought I would see a lot of celebration on the social media circuit but I remember none.

Retailing for $39 this three piece set contains:
• Liner / Smudger
• Crease/Blender
• Lid/Smoker

 See my review of Too Faced

• Liner / Smudger
I love to use this with powder shadows which can be used wet and dry. First I use it damp as a liner brush and later go back over with dry powder to set and intensify the line.

• Crease/Blender
Exactly what it says, it is the best blending brush I have ever used.
The softness never dulls the shadows I'm working with, it simply and beautifully blends and softens the crease giving me a more professional finish.

• Lid/Smoker
I was able to do the first smokey eye that I was proud to wear out in public with this brush!
It is the perfect blend of softness and firmness to not only evenly and quickly cover the entire lid but to perfect the Smokey Eye.

These are my favourite brushes, ever.  I rate this set of eyeshadow brushes a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. The set is a great value averaging $13 per brush and there is a chart provided in the tube that shows you how to use the brushes to create the perfectly applied and blended look.  I highly recommend this set, and am seriously considering buying a second set.

Have you felt the Too Faced Teddy Bear brush collection?

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