Trust Me, It's Not Good Till the Last Drop.

Have you noticed this on the back or your skincare and cosmetics? Basically, it's the 'Good For __ Months' after you have opened a product. 6M = 6 Months, 12M = 12 Months etc.

When was the last time you cleaned out and purged old makeup and lingering skincare?   It might seem like a daunting task if you've just discovered that cosmetics have an expiration date but I have easily broken down what and when it needs to go.  No matter how much product is remaining in the vessel.

A Good Grooming Know-How

The Ultimate Mens Shave Guide:
Good grooming requires a little know-how and a degree of commitment. the benefits of a good regime will help you look and feel your best and give you healthier smoother skin. Follow our simple guide and we guarantee you'll have a closer longer lasting and more comfortable shave.

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