Victoria's New Secret

I was in Valley Fair last Friday for what turned out to be Victoria's Secret soft re-grand opening.  The remodeled store looks HOT!   It's not 100% complete, what was the original Pink shop is still closed   There are some odd design choices, in my opinion, such as fitting rooms by the front door, seen all the way to the right of the picture, with white doors.  But the look is fresh and sexy.  I'm sure when they complete and open the entire store in October, it will be worth the wait - and the sacrifice... 

Gorgeous white furniture flank the sales floor, boudoir style.

Thrifting for a 2012 Wardrobe

Saturday has never been a day that I would venture out to go shopping.  Well, let me rephrase - after working retail for 17 years, I knew better than to go shopping on a Saturday, the day 'everyone else' had off.  But I couldn't help myself.  I was feeling a bit stir crazy and needed to feel the warm California sunshine against my face.  So I hopped in my jeep and headed to Crossroads Trading company off of West San Carlos and this is what I scored:

Click photos to enlarge

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