My Practice on a Manduka


As you may or may not know, I am a Yoga Teacher.  A few months ago I posted a video on my Youtube channel participating in a contest for one of these Manduka Yoga Mats.
Well, I wasn't chosen then but I was given a second opportunity, this time I was actually invited to try the mat and I agreed.

I was attracted to the eKO Lite Mat because it features Manduka’s proprietary natural closed-cell rubber and comfortable sea-grass texture. The eKO Lite marries performance and durability with a lightweight, travel-friendly design. The eKO Lite will leave no footprint in landfills, and is perfect for people who want to make a commitment to our planet and take their yoga practice on the road.

This is a phenomenal option for myself and my students as I am often asked 'Where did you get your mat?' and I feel bad telling them about to because it is no longer made.

I can't wait to receive the eKO Lite mat and continue my practice.

The Manduka Mat will be provided to me because #ImABzzAgent


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