Trust Me, It's Not Good Till the Last Drop.

Have you noticed this on the back or your skincare and cosmetics? Basically, it's the 'Good For __ Months' after you have opened a product. 6M = 6 Months, 12M = 12 Months etc.

When was the last time you cleaned out and purged old makeup and lingering skincare?   It might seem like a daunting task if you've just discovered that cosmetics have an expiration date but I have easily broken down what and when it needs to go.  No matter how much product is remaining in the vessel.

While unopened, well-formulated and properly stored cosmetics can remain fresh for a couple of years, when products are stored in hot or humid conditions (like your bathroom) or exposed to air when opened, bacteria can form and some ingredients can degrade. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell when your products pass their prime – so it’s wise to spring clean your cosmetics.  

Going forward, I recommend using a marker to write the month and date on the product so you know when it was opened. Look closely, Starbucks does the same thing to their bottles of flavourings.

Your cosmetic-cleaning schedule:

Every Week: clean your makeup brushes and sponges with makeup brush cleaner or baby shampoo and warm water.  Allow to fully air-dry before storing. Most makeup brushes will last for a couple of years, with weekly washings and care. If you feel the bristles of your brushes feeling harsher or there is excessive shedding, it may be time to throw them out.

Every Month: Disinfect your eyeliner and lip liner sharpeners with 70% rubbing alcohol.  I use a cotton swab, It allows me to 'scrub' the blade.

Every 3 Months: Throw away your mascara and liquid eyeliner – not only will the consistency start to change, but the preservatives start to break down, leaving you susceptible to eye infections from microbial eyelash mites.

Every 12 Months: Throw away your liquid and cream foundations, concealer. If the concealer or foundation begins to separate, it’s time to throw it on out. Part of the concealer will look like water and the other will be thick and dry. If your stick concealer or foundation becomes dry and starts to break apart when you use it, it’s a sign that bacteria is forming. Overall, cream or liquid concealer and foundations should last a solid year. Shake up the bottles every so often so the product doesn’t start to separate early.

Facial cleansers, lotionscreamscream eye shadows, gel eyeliners (they usually dry out first).
SPF. Makeup with sunscreen have expiration dates listed on the bottle, which you should toss since the sun protection will degrade. Physical blocks like titanium dioxide don’t usually have dates, and are good for about three years. If you’re unsure whether or not you need to throw it away, take a sniff and look at the texture of the product. If it’s clumping, runny, or smells out of the ordinary, it’s time to give it a heave-ho.

Every 24 Months: Toss your powder, blush, powder eye shadow. These can last up to two years since bacteria will not develop as quickly, due to the absence of water. But if texture and pigment begin to change and you find it harder to use the product, give it a chuck. You can tissue off the top layer of these powders every so often to keep the colors fresh and bacteria-free. 

Lipstick, lip-gloss. Lipstick can last up to 14 months, with extra care by wiping off the bullet with a tissue and 70% alcohol every so often to sanitize. If you see beads of formula separating on the lipstick or the product becomes harder and drier, it’s time for a new one. With lipgloss, the constant swiveling and swishing in and out of the container is a sure winner of collecting bacteria. If the gloss has changes in its taste and smell, toss it. If the gloss has a doe-foot applicator, it’s best to throw it out when it hits 6 months.

Lip liners, eyeliner pencils. If the pencil starts to crumble or is severely dry that it can no longer glide on your skin properly, it’s time for a new one. You can nearly triple the lifespan of your pencils by sharpening them every so often to keep them sanitized. The warmth of the sharpening friction can also keep the pigment softer for a longer period of time.
In addition, toss anything if you notice a change in smell, color or consistency and keep products fresh longer by ensuring that all packaging is closed tight and stored in a cool, dry place (like a refrigerator or linen closet) 

And never share makeup – even with family members!
Source: The Beauty Bean, Stylist & Beautylish.


  1. This is a great post, so much useful information! I have a tendency of keeping makeup for soo long even after months and months!


  3. Excellent post! Until I got into beauty blogging this past year, I had no idea about these things and still had makeup from high school (4 years ago) YIKES!!! But now I know :)

  4. great post! I've been meaning to toss out my old make up... I promise, I am slowly bringing myself to... it's VERY hard! I like to keep everything, lol.


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