ExfoliKate. Exfolamayzing!

What makes this exfoliator different is that it is a treatment, not a traditional scrub per se. It is grainy but the idea is not to use the granules to exfoliate but to let the enzyme do the work. You squeeze a small dollop onto your finger tips and smooth around your damp face, avoiding lips and eye area then wait about 30 seconds for the enzymes to finish doing their thing and then rinse it off.
The first time I used it I thought my face was melting off, the cinnamon oil was intense but the second time I felt hardly any discomfort.  I wet my fingers and apply a pea sized amount, rub it between my finger tips to disperse the product then apply to my face.

I anchor my thumbs onto my jawline and start by apply ExfoliKate to my forehead in small  upward / outward circles.  Keeping my fingers anchored, I move to my nose, mouth area and chin. Avoiding the tops of my lips, but I do gently smooth over my lip line, which aids in wrinkle prevention. I was never a smoker but I have sun damage starting to emerge.  I move to my temples and finish with my cheeks.  The whole application takes about 45 seconds. While I'm waiting for the enzymes to finish their work, I use the excess exfoliator that is on my finger tips, to exfoliate the tops of my hands, knuckles and fingers.  Count to 30 and rinse it all off.

It is the same shade as wheatgrass, that bright vibrant green.  The vessel is an inverted squeeze tube, I like it because the product will work it's way towards the cap naturally, so you can use every drop. The cap is hinged and snaps closed tightly, so you never have to worry about leakage.

Would I buy I again? Yes yes yes. I'm on my third tube as I wrote this. It is a Designer Diva price and I am a budget-conscious-Beauty, but my skin has never felt the way this scrub makes it feel.  Clean, fresh and renewed.   Let me prepare you in advance: this is a very expensive product, .5oz is $19  the 2oz sells for $85 (!) and there is a 5oz for $185 (!!) but it worksI rate this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I received the .5oz tube as swag from the Beautylish Spring 2011 Trend show.


  1. I love this product! At first I didnt think it was worth the price but I obviously wanted to finish it. By the time I was almost done with the tube, my skin felt amazing... well worth the splurge

  2. I agree! I only purchase the $19 tube, which is usually hanging out around Sephora's cashwrap. Between this and my Clarisonic... who needs plastic surgery! I'm almost 40!


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