Stila Grab Bag

My first Stila Grab Bag! I was super excited that I found @MorenaBarbee's tweet spilling the Grab Bag beans, I headed right over to Stila online and couldn't find it!  Then it occurred to me, that I probably have to add something to my cart for the option of the grab bag to pop up and I was right! Once I clicked the Add to Bag icon above, I was taken back to my cart where I disposed of the item that I used to initiate the grab bag option.  I only wanted the Grab Bag,  it was not in my budget to make an additional purchase.

When the package arrived I wasn't actually sure it was from Stila, it has a return address label from a guy named Frank!  So thank you Frank, I loved my Grab Bag!  For only $15 I received 2 full size products that I will absolutely use, and 2 1/2 I won't.  But we knew that would happen, right? Waterproof Eyeliner in 'Moray', an olive green with gold shimmer was a hands down winner.  I wanted that liner in that colour, which retails for $20. The rest of the bag could have been an absolute fail and I would have been happy.  Fortunatly, there was one more surprise in store,  'Rosie Posie' One Step Prime Color, which I can't wait to use.  I love cream blushers and even though I hate to put my fingers in cosmetics, this is a little different.  The vessel's delivery system is that of a lipgloss tube; I can squeeze it onto my finger for application and not have to worry about getting product under my nails.  The downside to digging in little pots.

The two lip glazes aren't really for me, I'm a lipstick girl more than a gloss girl. They are deluxe sample size valuing $22.00. Finally, the One step, deluxe sample is in Medium and is not 'my' shade, but I scored with the liner and rosie posie.  Those two products value $42.00.  So as you can see, My bag is valued at over $64 not including the deluxe sample of One Step in Medium.  

Would I do it again? In a heart beat.  I love surprises as much as I love Stila!  This was so much fun!  Have you purchased a Stila Grab Bag from or another vendor?  If so, what did you receive and would you do it again?
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