Skincare on schedule.

I created this Sunday to Saturday schedule so I could 'use up' all of my different skin and body care products. Silly, you might say. What I find to be silly is spending your hard earned money on ancillary items only to throw them away because they are old. Seriously, how much skincare have you 'forgotten' about? Making the schedule helped me clean out products that I no longer use and pare down the discovery of duplicates, often similar products by different vendors, that I am able to list on the Schedule and more importantly use. Finally.  All of those trend shows!

 Click on Schedule to enlarge.


Read more for my current product key.

Product Key:
Indie Lee The Cleanser
Shea Terra Organics - Orange Blossom Water
Indie Lee Eye Balm
Indie Lee Squalane Oil
Control Corrective Soothing Balm, SPF30
Nuance Brightening Serum, Decollete
ClickR Acne Pen
Chella Eye Mask
Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap Mask
Bliss Ingrown hair pads
Mama Mio Shrink to Fit
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