Keep Birchbox or say Birchnots?

April 2011
This was my first Birchbox.  Sure for $10 it was a blast - "dove" zoya nail polish, a cement gray, right on trend. "liv grn" parfume sample.  It smells fresh and yummy like you're passing just-cut pear through the window of a jasmine filled night.  "Wild Rose" facial lotion by Weleda, have not tried this yet.  CAN'T WAIT to use the foaming cleanser by SukiFace.  The lemongrass is so intoxicating I want to scoop it out with my finger and eat it. And finally, chamomile tea, which I drank before this pic was taken! I blame the black licorice!  There is a little card enclosed that you can plant and it will turn to wild flowers. 

The big CD looking thing in the back is a Zoya info packet with 12 'test-fingernails' (IDK what they are really called) 6 are painted with the Zoya Intimate collection and 6 are bare for you to paint (or practice designs). And actually, you could flip it over and use the underside as little 'pots', since they're concave, for mixing custom shades or even a temporary landing spot for loose stones you plan on applying.
This is a delight at $10.  I want more. 
I search for additional compaines like this.  I find a few.  This one doesn't ship to the USA, that one is only 4 times a year.  The last one is monthly but more money.  So I decide to not invest any more money in other vendors but to better explore the company with the shiny foiled logo.

May 2011
I opened this and said aloud, "Where's the rest?"  

For May I received a note card (!) Erno Laszlo wrinkle fighting night serum.  Jouer 'tinted lip enhancer' a neutral brick red called Shiraz that does not stay on for very long.  Actually the colour dissipates so quickly I wonder if it is supposed to.  Mon Jasmin Noir by Bulgari.  Someone at Birchbox like jasmine, it's the second month in a row that I have received a jasmine based perfume sample!  I really liked the smell at first but became a little 'made for a maturing woman' wink wink after a while.  There are 2 sample packets of more Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint and (the apparently coveted) Archipelago Pomegranate soap.  It's a deeper smell than what I expected.  Pom is usually expressed in a light fruity way which cheapens the aroma.  This soap is deep.  Rich.  Like an aged wine. I was a bit terrified to use it; bar soaps are so drying.  But I was clean without being squeaky/filmy clean.  And my skin was soft, not like after other bar soaps where you feel as though you have just been starched by dry cleaner.  The aroma of the soap didn't stay on my skin after the shower so I didn't have to worry about it altering my perfume. 

Bottom line: if this was my first box, it would be my last box.  I could get more samples walking around Nordstom, for free.  I see all kinds of mixed chatter about this service and am wondering if the demand has outgrown the supply and they A) don't see it or B) to greedy to care.  I was ready for the June box on May 5th.

What about you?
How have your boxes differed?
Have you been swayed or nayed by this post?
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