Is Your Beauty Routine Age Appropriate?

Clarisonic is all about keeping your skin looking healthy and young.  So much so, that they want to help keep your beauty routine updated accordingly. The eye shadow colors you had in your early 20s may not work so well for you at an older age and your moisturizer might need an extra kick to deal with the changes in your skin.

The plus side of updating your beauty routine is that you have most likely tried and tested numerous products and know which brands work best for you. The downside is that you might be too comfortable to make the switch to other products.  Below are few tips to update your beauty routine to be age appropriate.

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In your 20s: While this may be prime time to experiment with makeup colors, this is also the time you may start to see the signs of aging appear on your skin. Be sure to include a sunscreen in your daily skincare routine to help prevent aging and always, always moisturize. Exfoliating is also a great way to increase cell turnover rate whether it be with your Clarisonic or other exfoliant.

In your 30s: Reevaluate those bold colors of your 20s and opt for more versatile makeup shades such as earthy tones for your eyes and peach or rose for the cheeks. Your skin will become a little softer and prevention is always preferable over having to find a solution for an issue. Add in anti-aging and firming products to your skincare routine. The skin around the eye area is extra thin and needs special attention.  Use an eye cream and even better; check out the Opal Sonic Infusion System which provides increased hydration and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Opal Sonic

In your 40s: Wrinkles or creases are generally more established once you enter your 40s. Avoid heavy makeup that tends to accentuate fine lines. Stick to neutral shades and scale back on the eye makeup. Oil and collagen production will have decreased therefore requiring skin care products that offer a boost in these areas. Eliminate powder foundation that can also add to the dryness of your skin.

In your 50s and beyond: You may notice radical changes in your skin including age or sun spots. Be sure to keep you skin well hydrated with a deep moisturizer. Use a highlighter to lift droopy brows and heighten cheekbones and hide fine lines. Foundation should be used sparingly and you can always add some color with a fresh pink lipstick.

Do you have any tips for staying age appropriate with your beauty routine?

Source: Clarisonic
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