Hang on to your empty Kiehls Gorgeous!!

Recycle & Be Rewarded with Kiehl's!!  Kiehl's lovers, the hallowed New York apothecary is rewarding its faithful with a recycling program that trades a new product in exchange for empty Kiehl's bottles, tubes and jars.

Available at any Kiehl's free-standing store, the good-for-the-environment, good-for-you  program will dispense complimentary products that get progressively more generous the more packaging you turn in. 

Here's how it works:
1. You will receive a Recycle and Be Rewarded! card from a Kiehl’s boutique store (not valid online) which encourages you to be eco-conscious by returning empty Kiehl’s bottles and tubes.

2. The Recycle and Be Rewarded! card will be stamped in-store, each time a Kiehl’s empty is returned for recycling. You do not have to make a purchase for a stamp - just return an empty.

3. Upon returning your 3rd empty and receiving your 3rd stamp, you will receive a complimentary tube of Lip Balm #1.

4. Upon returning your 5th empty and receiving your 5th stamp, you may choose an item from the Official Kiehl’s Travel Collection.

5. Upon returning your 10th empty and receiving your 10th stamp, you may choose any single product with a value of $25 or less, excluding Flagship Exclusive Items or charitable products. You will also receive a fresh card for ongoing recycling.

  Images: Kiehl's
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